Across Demographics, Most Shoppers Make An Additional Purchase During In-Store Pick Up

Many retailers are still missing out on the benefits of buy online, pick up in-store programs.

Over 75 percent of millennials made an additional purchase during in-store pick up, according to a recent ChargeItSpot study cited by eMarketer — but more than half of retailers don’t offer buy online, pick up in-store services, meaning that they’re losing out on this significant sales opportunity.

This phenomenon of making an unexpected buy while picking up previously purchased items holds true across age groups, too: 63 percent of respondents ages 35-49 and and 79 percent ages 50-65 said the same.

Stores have adopted in-store pick up services to both diversify their omnichannel offerings and to help avoid the the checkout line “crush” during busy holiday shopping seasons. But now, they can see that there is a substantial subsequent sales benefit as well: As the biggest barrier to physical sales is often simply getting customers through the door, in-store pick up programs are a simple way to solve that problem. Once customers are in the retail store — a store they’ve already made a purchase from, no less — it appears that they are much more likely to check out displays, take advantage of sales, and more.

But while a majority of retailers are still missing out on this additional revenue, the good news is that buy online, pick up in-store programs are easier to implement than some other omnichannel initiatives. They don’t require wide spread rollouts of new in-store technology — like beacons or smart mirrors, for example — and so are a comparatively simple investment for retailers who already have physical stores and offer online sales.

As the eMarketer report concludes, “as Amazon and other ecommerce players increasingly cut into the market share of traditional retailers — and with more store closings on the horizon — now seems like the perfect time to give O2O pickup services a second look.”

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