40 Percent Of Packages Will Be Delivered Within Two Hours By 2028

Consumer expectations for near-immediate delivery have never been higher. But with strategic investments, omnichannel retailers can offer more of what shoppers want.

An estimated 40 percent of all packages will be delivered within two hours by 2028, according to new research from Zebra Technologies — indicating that retailers will need to revamp their supply chain and expand delivery options in order to have a chance at continuing to compete with the likes of Amazon.

With e-commerce projected to generate $684 billion in retail sales by 2021 (up 75% from $391 billion in 2016), it’s forcing retailers “to shift to a robust omnichannel fulfillment strategy that meets the consumer’s needs,” a spokesperson told GeoMarketing on behalf of Zebra Technologies. “The always-on and always-connected consumer creates a challenge for retailers to adjust to product fulfillment and delivery expectations.”

Adjusting to a same-day delivery standard will likely be paramount over the next decade. As such, omnichannel retailers can fight back by continuing to invest in on-demand partnerships and in-store pickup options that get customers the products they want within the hour — as well as working with logistics providers to find solutions that will allow them to keep up.

Other findings from Zebra’s Future of Fulfillment study, detailing retail shifts from manual to digital, below:

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