3-to-5 Mile Cross-Platform Efforts Prove Retargeting Effectiveness For YP Clients

A major pharmacy scored 2.8x secondary action rate for a senior-focused wellness program, while a national tire dealer attracted 51,000 customers in one area.

YP's Luke Edson
YP’s Luke Edson

For the past few months, discovery marketing platform YP has been working to connect the dots between its national, local, desktop, mobile, search, and display ad tools. But its main selling point to local business has been its ability to deliver wide swaths of consumers looking for a specific service.

At Tapad’s UnifyTech15 conference, Luke Edson, YP’s SVP of National Markets, demonstrated how the company’s retargeting service has helped attract older shoppers to a pharmacy’s loyalty program, as well as how a national tire seller brought in customers.

Here’s a look at YP’s results — though the individual brands did not wish to be identified— and how they reflects the company’s wider work in managing the national and local divide for marketers.

YP PharmaA Marketing Wellness Strategy

A major retail pharmacy wanted to increase its customer base of people over 65 with a 20 percent off discount for joining their senior wellness club.

For the most part, YP was able to single out consumers searching the pharmacy category on and then retarget them on their mobile device while they were within range of the pharmacy, Edson said.

“Something that we’re particularly proud of is our comprehensive database of local business listings, so we can truly help consumers find the local business that meets their needs regardless of the category or vertical,” Edson said. “Furthermore, we have good visibility into what consumers are searching for when it comes to local businesses and what devices they’re using.  We combine that knowledge with insight from location and behavioral data to target specific consumers.”

In this case, YP targeted only those users who were within a 5-mile radius of a store.

The idea of retargeting seniors doesn’t get a lot of attention in marketing circles, particularly with so much research devoted to Millennials’ mobile habits and how their mutable shopping and brand interests can be altered.

When asked a somewhat ageist question about whether seniors are difficult to retarget, given the assumption that they’re not as active online as younger consumers, Edson said that such thoughts were not borne out by YP’s data.

“Generally, we haven’t seen a significant variance in online and mobile usage in seniors versus younger age groups,” Edson said. “We applied a tried and true approach to achieving success with this campaign.”

Ultimately, the senior/pharmacy effort achieved a 2.8x secondary action rate (which measures the percentage of people who “took an action” after clicking an ad, such as walking into a store) compared to the average mobile display campaign.

YP TirePreventing Flat Sales

A large discount tire dealer wanted to increase foot traffic and sales by offering a significant discount.

This case is perfect example of national brands “trying to focus beyond location to precise behaviors,” Edson said, noting that this campaign also showed why it’s so important to tie all its various tools and ad formats together.

“Our products — from our core search to our mobile display products — help brands reach these local consumers at critical moments in the purchase process,” Edson noted.

For instance, with Cross Device Retargeting, YP can serve ads directly to users who have searched on YP’s desktop or mobile channels and show them display ads “to re-engage” them with an advertiser and continue the experience as the user moves from one screen to another.

“We can add proximity targeting on top of that to provide a highly effective advertising solution to advertisers as we did in the case of the discount tire dealer campaign,” Edson said.

In particular, YP targeted the tire dealer ads at men, 35-54, within a 3-5 mile radius around each of several locations. The campaign yielded a 0.73 percent clickthrough rate — YP’s highest level on average, the company said — as the multi-screen spots drove 803,000 impressions with 51,000 users engaged across all selected locations.

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