10 Things You Need To Know About Online-To-Offline Marketing This Week

All the location news this week, from Nordstrom's omnichannel 'pop-in' to Facebook Messenger's SMB update.

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5. Online-To-Offline: How Physical Retail Changed Everything For Bonobos

The menswear e-tailer swore it would never need brick-and-mortar stores. Now, it has 20 and counting — and a presence in Nordstroms across the country.

4. Three Ways Local Businesses Can Use Facebook Messenger To Drive In-Store Traffic

Three Ways Local Businesses Get Use Facebook Messenger To Drive In-Store Traffic

Facebook Messenger, the social network’s quasi-standalone app, has added features designed to make it easier for businesses and customers to connect more directly.

3. How Google’s Eddystone Update Balances Privacy And Device Tracking

Gimbal and Swirl are among the two beacon platforms supporting the beacon software update.

2. How Heineken Connects The Dots Between National And Local


It’s about taking an over-arching thematic and customizing messages for specific markets, says Heineken’s Haley Rubin.

1. Nordstrom Smoothly Fuses Online And Offline With ‘Pop-In’ Concept

Each month, the department store’s pop-in shop spotlights exclusive products designed around a specific theme — and customers can choose how to purchase them.

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