10 Things You Need To Know About Online-To-Offline Marketing This Week

All the location news this week, from Marriott's beacon expansion to why location has become a utility.

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5. xAd CEO Dipanshu Sharma: Location Has Become A Utility

At xAd’s On Location, Sharma discussed the launch of GeoBlocks — and why location should be the core component of, well, everything.

4. Resolved: Cisco’s CMX Beacon Point is Disruptive

Cisco Beacon Point Statler Main

But, as proximity vet Steve Statler wonders: Will its vBeacons Kill the Beacosystem? Or Cure It?

3. How McDonald’s Won Monopoly And Drove Real Money To Its Franchises

McDonald’s worked with Omnicom media agency OMD and NinthDecimal to see if mobile ads could drive offline traffic and sales.

2. How Dunkin’ Brands Learned To Build Better Relationships Through Location

dunkin mobile

Former president John Costello talked about creating a one-to-one mobile dialogue — and why the bar for relevancy in marketing is higher than ever.

1. Marriott Bringing Beacons To 500 Hotels By The End Of 2016

After an initial installation two years ago, Marriott has beacons in 21 hotels today. At the IAB Mixx conference, Marriott’s Karin Timpone discussed how its thinking about proximity marketing has evolved.

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