10 Things You Need To Know About Online-To-Offline Marketing This Week

All the location news this week, from Google Maps' ride service update to the next generation of mobile ads.

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5. What The Rise Of The ‘Intelligent Agent’ Means For Customer Experience

Voice-controlled virtual concierges — Apple’s Siri, Google Now, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa — will have tremendous influence over shoppers’ purchase decisions. Brands better start adapting, says Forrester’s Jennifer Wise.

4. Google Maps Ups Ride Service Options, Adding Lyft And Gett

Google maps ride update

Google continues to invest in connecting map users with on-demand transit — and brick-and-mortar businesses.

3. Are Beacons The Key To Low-Cost Asset Tracking?

There’s a lot more to beacon technology than sending out push notifications, says proximity provider

2. Why Getting Online Reviews is More Important Than Ever

online reviews

92 percent of consumers read online reviews before selecting a business, writes BrightLocal’s Sherry Bonelli.

1. Next-Gen Mobile Ads: It’s Not About Slapping Screen-Takeovers Onto The User Experience

If we’re serious about building the best future for mobile ad creative, then we need to refresh the rapidly aging approaches of the past.

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