10 Things You Need To Know About Online-To-Offline Marketing This Week

All the location news this week, from YP's 'audience cartography' to answering questions about the on-demand economy.

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5. Geo 101: What Is The On-Demand Economy?

7.6 million Americans will work as providers of on-demand services by 2020, Intuit has forecast. Why?

4. Four Truths Facing Local Media Groups

Four Truths Facing Local Media Groups

Once upon a time, local advertising was a simple commerce exchange. Local businesses that wanted more customers bought ads from ad reps at the media channels they read and trusted. Simple — dollars for eyeballs. What’s changed over time? Only everything, writes CRO James Moore.

3. With YP’s Audience Cartography, Online/Offline Attribution Is Nothing Without Insights

Showing that a mobile ad led to a local store visit is one thing. Understanding the context around those visits is ‘everything,’ says YP’s Bill Maslyn.

2. Fashion Retailer New York & Company Plans To Lift Sales With Shopkick Rewards

Fashion Retailer New York & Company Plans To Lift Sales With Shopkick Rewards

Shopkick will install at least two shopBeacon devices at 170 of New York & Company’s near 500 U.S. stores.

1. Foursquare: The Name Of The Game Is Location Intelligence

Foursquare is rolling out a real-time dashboard for its four-month-old Attribution reporting tool as it adds Anheuser-Busch, Peet’s Coffee, Blue Bite, Undertone, Opera Mediaworks, Clearstream, Drawbridge, and TubeMogul as partners.

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