10 Things You Need To Know About Online-To-Offline Marketing This Week

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5. Why Verve Mobile Bought Roximity And Entered The Beacon Business

Location-based marketing isn’t just about joining online and offline; it’s about outdoors and indoors more than ever.

4. 76 Percent Of Location Searches Result In A Same-Day Store Visit

At Yext’s Location Lounge, panelists from across the marketing industry probed the burgeoning link between location data and offline sales — and why its growth is only just beginning.

3. We Found A Hole In Your Hyperlocal Marketing Strategy

Hyperlocal data isn’t just about targeting the mobile device, writes LocalWave’s Angela Potts.

2. How Walgreens Plans To Expand Digital Coupon Use And Drive In-Store Visits

The drugstore chain claims that more than 135 million paperless coupons have been virtually ‘clipped.’

1. Geo-segmentation — Taking Personalization to the Next Level

Consumers can be best best targeted via any channel — e.g., email, mobile push or SMS message — but doing so based on where they are is key.