10 Things To Know About Online-To-Offline Marketing This Week

Our top stories and links from around the web this week, from OkCupid's provocative 'DTF' campaign to how businesses can win at voice search.

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Top Stories of the Week:

5. Creating Content And Building A ‘Knowledge Base’: How Businesses Can Win At Voice Search

‘If we’re going to help algorithms understand our content, it needs more context,’ says Adam Edwards, Reprise Digital’s Head of SEO.

4. How Consumers’ Use Of Voice Activation Is Evolving

“Voice-activated tools have become part of our daily lives and are bringing dramatic changes to consumer behavior,” says NPR CMO Meg Goldthwaite.

3. How CMOs Are Taking On The Voice-First Future

‘If you can tell a story in a way that replicates human interaction, people really dig that,” explained UpsideDoor CMO Mike Darne at Voice Summit.

2. How OkCupid’s Provocative ‘DTF’ Local-Focused Ad Campaign Lifted Its Social Media Presence By 50 Percent

“We’ve been running the DTF campaign in a handful of cities, but the messaging is always tweaked and targeted to reflect local sensibilities,” says CMO Melissa Hobley.

1. Starbucks & Straws: The Unexpected Uses of Location Data

Eliminating straws is a win for both the environment and Starbucks, writes Skyhook CEO Craig Waggy.

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