10 Things To Know About Online-To-Offline Marketing This Week

All the location news this week, from Waze analytics to why Millennials think brands should have physical stores.

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5. Geo 201: Online-To-Offline Marketing Best Practices

How marketers can blend the digital and the physical through the ultimate tool: mobile.

4. How Crate And Barrel Is Revamping Its In-Store Analytics

Less than a year after former Guess marketing exec Michael Relich took the COO reins at Crate and Barrel, the company’s mobile approach getting an major overhaul.

3. Waze Analytics: Valentine’s Day On The Road

Love may be a mystery, but Valentine’s Day trends from Waze make this romantic holiday more predictable for brands seeking to influence the purchasing decisions of lovestruck Americans.

2. Google Maps Gets More Social With Shared Lists

The analytics potential from Google Maps users sharing lists represents an even deeper level of insight for the search giant and the brands it works with.

1. Why Millennials Think Brands Should Have Physical Stores

The digitally native generation is mixing online and offline shopping in surprising new ways.

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