10 Things To Know About Online-To-Offline Marketing This Week

Our top stories and links from around the web this week, from Uber drone delivery to how to avoid influencer marketing pitfalls.

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Top Stories of the Week:

5. OpenTable Booking Insights Promises To Make Reservations More Manageable For Restaurants

“The business intelligence suite offers at-a-glance dashboards showing both past performance and trend analysis which helps restaurants manage their operations, adjust their staffing schedules, and tailor their marketing efforts – all in real time,” says Prasad Gune, OpenTable SVP of Product.

4. Can Uber Make Burger-Delivery-By-Drone A Real Thing?

If it sounds too ‘sci-fi,’ consider Delivery Econ 101: ‘As off-premise dining grows across the country, it becomes less economical for a delivery driver to spend 20+ minutes making a delivery for a $10 burger and fries,” says Yext’s Lee Zucker.

3. What Does The Summer Weather Forecast Mean For Retail And Restaurant Businesses?

“Based on Watson Advertising’s footfall studies around severe weather, we have seen an 80 percent increase in store traffic the day before a severe event, and a 20 percent increase in traffic for the 7 days following an event,” says Adrienne Beck, VP/Head of Sales Strategy, Watson Advertising.

2. How To Avoid Common Influencer Marketing Pitfalls

92 percent of buyers trust an influencer more than they would an advertisement. Here’s how marketers can start making the most of it.

1. Think With Google: 53 Percent Of Smartphone Users Don’t Have Their Favorite Brand’s App Installed

Apps are an important data source and communication channel for brands. So how do they drive downloads — or boost engagement elsewhere?

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