10 Things To Know About Online-To-Offline Marketing This Week

Our top stories and links from around the web this week, from how marketers can prepare for the voice-connected customer to the debut of IBM Watson's assistant.

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Top Stories of the Week:

5. Three Ways Marketers Can Prepare for the Voice-Connected Consumer

Marketers need to transition their brand from “voice-friendly” to “voice-focused,” writes Chatmeter CEO Collin Holmes.

4. IBM Watson Assistant Debuts With ‘Enterprise’ Ambitions Far Beyond Connected Home

Watson Assistant can be embedded in any “thing” – a car, hotel room, retail store, conference room and more – offering consumers new levels of convenience as they live, work and travel, says IBM Watson’s Kareem Yusuf.

3. Amazon Alexa’s Oliver Messenger On How Voice Activation Will Develop For Brands

“We have the building blocks right now,” said Amazon Alexa’s Oliver Messenger at a panel at SxSW. “Developers are going to surprise us with what they’ll be able to stitch together from voice activation.”

2. The Body Shop Unveils First Outdoor Campaign Targeting On-The-Go Audiences

The Body Shop promotion with OUTFRONT Media is intended to get petitions against cosmetics testing on animals signed at its 3,000 global stores.

1. How Brands Can Get Better Organic Visibility with Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories usage has exploded, and brick and mortar stores especially have been creating unique ways to get in on the action – incentivizing both in-store and online purchases, writes Socialbakers’ Jordan Julian.

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