10 Things To Know About Online-To-Offline Marketing This Week

Our top stories this week, from Valentine's stats marketers need to know to why H&R Block is allying with IBM Watson.

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Top Stories of the Week:

5. What Does The Future Of Proximity Marketing Look Like?

Beacons looked big back in 2014, but as artificial intelligence, voice activation, and blockchain has captured marketers’ mindshare, Unacast is looking beyond the Bluetooth-powered devices.

4. H&R Block’s Tax Prep: Allying With IBM Watson, Walmart, And Exploring Voice Search

With over 10,000 branded tax prep locations to manage, H&R Block executives have a “long-form” omnichannel plan to connect with taxpayers.

3. Valentine’s Day Stats Marketers Need To Know

Valentine’s Day is inherently social and local, so SocialCode’s Diana Gonimah runs the numbers on how the different platforms will impact the heavy spending holiday.

2. How Brick-And-Mortar Brands Can Use Identity Resolution To Build Traffic

Identity resolution is the process of connecting people, data, and devices at any level of granularity and across any channel in order to garner insight from interactions with your brand. Acxiom’s Chad Engelgau explains why its important for physical shops.

1. Chipotle Plots To Align Loyalty And Digital Marketing — What It Needs To Do To Succeed

As Chipotle pursues more traditional advertising, it will also need to enhance its search and email marketing programs, notes Yext Food Services Head Lee Zucker.

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