10 Things To Know About Online-To-Offline Marketing This Week

All the location news this week, from Subway's new Pandora ads to why millennials embrace sharing data with retailers.

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5. Subway Signs On To Shorter Pandora Audio Ads To Capture Micro-Moments

“We think there may be an effective blend of shorter and longer length audio ads that can help with message breakthrough and alleviate potential creative fatigue,” Pandora says.

4. Pandora Partners With Neustar On Understanding Identity Over Data

“In partnering with Neustar to build this custom onboarding portal, we can offer advertisers a new, effortless way to reach their customers on Pandora,” says Pandora’s Dave Smith.

3. How Brands Can Navigate Millennials’ Shifting Loyalty To Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat

Facebook use is falling among Millennials. And that’s a challenge for social media marketers, says Eyeview CMO Jeff Fagel.

2. Millennials Embrace Sharing Data With Retailers

Giant virtual map pin on city landscape

They’re reportedly 3x more likely to share personal information with a favorite brand than Boomers.

1. The Challenges — and Opportunities — of Location-Based Marketing

Location-based advertising through push notifications are 20 times more effective than generic banner ads, writes Boostability’s Kelly Shelton.

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