10 Things To Know About Online-To-Offline Marketing This Week

All the location news this week, from how 24-Hour Fitness lifted gym visits to what marketers need to know about connected intelligence.

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5. What Marketers Need To Know About The World Of ‘Connected Intelligence’

Algorithms and AI are transforming data in order to power intelligent search, intelligent agents, and more — effectively changing the game for brands as consumers discover information in new ways.

4. IAB Working Group Aims To Develop Marketing Standards For Artificial Intelligence

‘The race is on’ to capture the $1.2 trillion per year in marketing spend that is soon expected to derive from AI and machine learning, says AdTheorant’s Patrick Albano.

3. Can Social Media And Immediacy Drive In-Store Sales By Millennials?

About 58 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds globally prefer the physical store shopping experience to digital shopping, says Salesforce’s Rick Kenney.

2. Bloomin’ Brands Warms To The Idea Of Pay-Per-Visit Mobile Ad Formats

“It’s that simplicity that makes it easy for us to continue using this new approach to buying,” says Bloomin’ Brands Karen Chester of the GroundTruth ad guarantee.

1. How 24-Hour Fitness Lifted Gym Visits 240 Percent

“We worked with Cuebiq to augment our Clear Channel outdoor campaign to create dynamic ads to target SF and LA commuters at different times of the day,” said 24-Hour Fitness Marketing VP Mike Carney.