10 Things To Know About Online-To-Offline Marketing This Week

All the location news this week, from the connected 'store of the future' to Levi's at NRF17.

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5. Rebecca Minkoff And The ‘Store Of The Future’

As the Millennial-favorite label looks to launch a fashion-tech VC fund, its founders discussed why investing in in-store experiences makes sense of retailers of all stripes.

4. Levi’s Takes Advantage Of Intel’s $100 Million Investment In Retail Tech

Levi's Takes Advantage Of Intel's $100 Million Investment In Retail Tech

Levi’s is the first to test Intel’s Responsive Retail Platform, which is predicated on ‘real-time/all-the-time’ inventory insights to reverse retail traffic declines.

3. RoadBlock Ahead: How Navigating Through Traffic Can Be A Lot Like Navigating Through Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketers need to figure out how to change lanes when their proximity efforts reach an impasse in an increasingly crowded marketplace, says ShopAdvisor’s Jeff Papows.

2. NRF 2017: How Neiman Marcus Aims To Combine Data With Store Associate Insights

neiman marcus nrf

We’re entering an era in which relationship management matters more than targeting, argued Neiman Marcus’ Jeff Rosenfeld — and data can bolster those one-to-one interactions.

1. How Location Is Revolutionizing Digital Out-Of-Home

At CES, Kinetic’s Britta Klosterberg talked about the future of OOH — as it’s impacted by everything from AR to self-driving cars.

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