10 Things To Know About Online-To-Offline Marketing This Week

All the location news this week, from travel trends on mobile to what marketers need to know about the future of search.

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5. Travel Trends In The Twenty-Tens: What Marketers Need To Know

More than 50 percent of travelers’ research, planning, and way-finding is performed solely on mobile devices, writes Anne Lim.

4. Understanding Marketers Top ‘Pain Points’ When Using Geo-Data

Nearly 40 percent of advertisers surveyed by Verve and Forrester say difficulty understanding consumers past location patterns as well as how to accurately geotarget them.

3. Geo 101: What Marketers Should Know About The Future Of Search

Voice and image search are on the rise. Here’s how brick-and-mortar businesses can get ready.

2. How Marriott And Kayak Are Using Voice-Activated Assistants For Hotel Guests

As Kayak develops its “Alexa Skill” to let users book a hotel, Marriott is putting the voice-activated assistant to work on room service.

1. How Bad Was Amazon Prime Day For Retail Foot Traffic?

“Amazon is clearly changing the game for brick and mortar retailers, and that the trend is only growing as the rise of smartphones and apps give consumers even more convenient ways to take advantage of promotions such as Prime Day,” says Sense360 CEO Eli Portnoy.

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